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Arc Fusion Splicer Repairs

EZZ Fiber Optic Service Center provides calibration and repair services on all major fiber optic arc fusion splicer and cleaver models and delivers a 48-hour turnaround on maintenance requests.

Our skilled technical staff are experienced in all aspects of splice equipment. In the event that a repair is needed, Fiber Optic Service Center has the necessary components to repair and/or refurbish the splicer.

Fiber Optic Service Center carries a comprehensive stock of electrodes, cleaver blades, mirrors, heaters, CCDs, battery packs, and other spare parts for all models, both past and present.

Once the evaluation is completed, you will get a Repair Quote. We will wait for your acceptance or rejection before initiating any further action.

We charge a standard evaluation fee only in cases where the manufacturer no longer provides spare parts, in cases where the total cost is assumed to be Beyond Economical Repair (BER) or in cases where you decide to decline our final repair quote for other reasons.

After repair, your fusion splicer will return to you fully calibrated with calibration data. The warranty is granted for a period of 6 months for spare parts and 3 months for labor. Exceptions to the rule make the parts consumable under the general warranty conditions.

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