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Single tools

Snemalec plašča RCS-114 - Cable jacket stripper Miller/Ripley
Precise rotary and longitudinal PE, PVC, rubber, and other jacket remover. Adjustable blade depth.
9984Bround cable stripper Miller RCS-114, 4.5 to 29mm39,03 € 
9984Creplacement blade CB231 for stripper RCS14,57 € 
Snemalci za kovinski plašč kabla - Armored Cable Slitters
ACS Plus tool is used for cables from 4 to 29 mm in diameter, has a blade with adjustable depth up to 5.5 mm and performs longitudinal, circumferential (ringing) & spiral cuts!
AST-200 tool is used for cables from 4 to 29 mm in diameter, has a blade with adjustable depth up to 5.5 mm and rotates 90 degrees by activating blade lever!
99A7KArmored Cable Slitter ACS Plus, Miller93,96 € 
99A7ZReplacement Blade Assembly 37884 CB 251K, Miller46,44 € 
99A6QArmored Cable Slitter AST-200, Jonard110,65 € 
99A6RReplacement Blade AST-RB (2 Per Pkg), Jonard44,35 € 
OPGW Inox tube cutter 3 to 16mm with deburring tool
Stainless Steel Tube Cutter RAS is used to access the fiber in stainless steel tubes. The compact design and hardened steel blades make this a durable, easy to use tool. The kit includes one all-purpose deburrer.
99A73OPGW Inox tube cutter 3 to 16mm with deburring tool58,50 € 
Tool for opening multifiber buffer tubes from Ø 1 to 3 mm
Convenient built-in sizing channels quickly determine proper setting for a wide variety of buffer tubes. 16 unique diameter settings accommodate buffer tubes ranging from 1 to 3 mm for easy operation without risk of injury. In addition its patent-pending design offers a self-aligning, easy-to-load buffer tube channel that supports & guides the tube through precision shaving operation!
99A7WTool MSAT 16 for opening multifiber buffer tubes 1.0 to 3.0 mm86,26 € 
99A7Yreplacement blade MB01-7500 for MSAT 16, Miller39,63 € 
Rezalniki za cevke - Tube Scorers
Precise one-step buffer tube scorer FTS easily scores buffer tube sizes from 1.6 to 6.0 mm. Factory fixed hardened carbon steel blade requires no timely blade adjustment. Body made of strong resilient acetal polymer.
Tools CSR-125, CSR-250 and CSR-1575 have adjustable blades which can be set for any depth to help ensure neck-free stripping and slitting of cables.
9984OFiber Tube Scorer FTS Miller, 1.6 to 6 mm with wall 0.25 do 0.38 mm15,44 € 
99A5KFiber Tube Scorer FTS-035 Miller, 1.6 to 6 mm with wall 0.76 do 1.27 mm15,44 € 
99A5LFiber Tube Scorer FTS-005 Miller, up to 2 mm with wall 0.17 to 0.28 mm15,44 € 
99A5EJacket Slit & Ring Tool CSR-125 grey, from 3.3 to 6.4mm, Jonard28,00 € 
99A5FJacket Slit & Ring Tool CSR-250 blue, up to 3.3mm, Jonard28,00 € 
99A5GReplacement Blade Set CSR-125RB for CSR-125 & CSR-25013,50 € 
99A5DJacket Slit & Ring Tool CSR-1575 from 1.2 to 7.5mm, Jonard20,70 € 
99A5CReplacement Blade Set CSR-2 for CSR-1575, Jonard9,68 € 
Ripley/Miller buffer coating strippers
Jonard Tools buffer coating strippers
180µ buffer coating stripper
998511 hole 250µ buffer coating stripper Miller 103-S43,83 € 
99A772 hole buffer coating stripper Miller 103-D-250, Ripley58,26 € 
9984X3 hole buffer coating stripper Miller 103-T-250-J, Ripley62,26 € 
99A5U1 hole 250µ buffer coating stripper JIC-125, Jonard27,85 € 
99A5O1 hole 250µ buffer coating stripper JIC-175, Jonard29,00 € 
99A5Q1 hole 200µ buffer coating stripper JIC-200, Jonard38,96 € 
99A5P1 hole 180µ buffer coating stripper JIC-180C, Jonard37,95 € 
Snemalec za drop kabel Jonard - Fiber Drop Cable Stripper FDS-312
Designed to strip FTTH drop cables sized 3.1 mm by 2.0 mm, this drop cable stripper strips the outer jacket of drop cables and cuts the strength members exposing the fiber inside.
99A7EFiber Drop Cable Stripper FDS-312, Jonard27,65 € 
KS-1 shears with one micro-serrated blade reduce slippage for more positive cutting action.
Shears JIC-186 with one micro-serrated blade reduce slippage for more positive cutting action.
Shears JIC-190 with thin-nose jaws provide easy access into tight places and allow for flush cutting of Kevlar to the fiber jacket.
99A7HKevlar shears Miller KS-114,81 € 
99A7FKevlar shears Miller KS-1 with nylon pouch with belt loop22,97 € 
99A7IKevlar shears Jonard JIC-18614,95 € 
99A7JKevlar shears Jonard JIC-19025,00 € 
Snemalec plašča od 0.6 do 2.6mm - Multi-Wire Stripper/Cutter
All cutting surfaces are precision formed, hardened, tempered and ground, assuring clean, accurate strips.
99852Multi-Wire Stripper/Cutter JIC-1022, 0.6 to 2.6mm, Jonard11,55 € 
Rezalnik za vlakna s karbidno ploščico - Fiber Optic Scribe FS-616, Jonard
This tool with wide carbide steel blade and a 35° beveled edge can cleave large diameter fiber and miniature rod-shaped lenses.
99853FS-616 Fiber Optic Scribe with 6mm wide carbide blade, Jonard37,80 € 
Polishing disc FOPD-25/FOPD-LC Miller for ST, SC, FC, LC connectors
High quality hand polishing discs with diameter 49.2 mm for FO connectors.
99854polishing disc FOPD-25 Miller for ST, SC, FC connectors72,99 € 
99855polishing disc FOPD-LC Miller for LC connectors24,62 € 
FS700 Fiber-Safe Neoprene Polishing Pad
99856FS700 Fiber-Safe Neoprene Polishing Pad8,51 € 
Insertion–Extraction Tool, Jonard
Easily inserts and extracts FO connectors in high density patch panels.
99A5WFCT-100 Insertion–Extraction Tool for LC and SC connectors, Jonard36,10 € 
99A69FCT-200 Insertion–Extraction Tool for LC connectors, Jonard36,10 € 
Cable cutter JIC-750 up to 19 mm, Jonard
JIC-750 cuts cables up to 0.75 inches (19 mm) with no cable distortion.
99A6Tcable cutter JIC-750 up to 19 mm, Jonard24,10 € 
Klešče za rezanje HDPE cevi Jonard - MDC-14, MDC-28, MDC-64 Duct Tube Cutters
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99A5XMDC-14 Micro Duct Tube Cutter, Jonard11,00 € 
99A5YMDC-28 Micro Duct Tube Cutter, Jonard46,10 € 
99A5ZMDC-64 Large Fiber Duct Cutter, Jonard41,25 € 
Krimp klešče Miller, Cablematic in HT - Crimp tools Miller, Cablematic and HT
Ripley/Miller crimping tools with jaws for hex and oval shapes are used to crimp various fiber optic and copper coaxial connectors.
Use Cablematic CT Premium quality crimping tool for LMR cables & connectors and CR hex crimping tool for CATV, MATV & STV connectors.
99860Miller crimp tool 39840-2 for FO connectors40,51 € 
99863crimp tool HT 336A for cable RG-58 and RG-59, 6230,97 € 
99864crimp tool HT 301G for cable RG-174 and FO connectors31,59 € 
99865crimp tool CR 41Q 33275 for cable RG-213/214, Cablematic69,84 € 

Kits & Empty tool cases

TK-120 Fiber Preparation kit, Jonard
The TK-120 fiber preparation kit has all the tools needed to access and prepare a fiber optic cable for termination.
9981ATK-120 Fiber Preparation kit, Jonard354,40 € 
Tool case 370x460x200mm CIM 170 936, Cimco
9981VTool case 370x460x200mm CIM 170 936, Cimco149,67 €