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Cleaning alcohol with Dispensing pump FD-220
9985Ecleaning alcohol 2-Propanol 1L, Honeywell13,47 € 
9985FFluid dispenser FD-220 Jonard, 220ml11,19 € 
99AAANonflammable cleaning spray FCF-3 for bare fiber and connectors, Jonard29,65 € 
Čistilni robčki - Non-Woven Wipes, Chemtronics
Wipes consist of 55/45 cellulose/polyester nonwoven fabric, have excellent absorbency and contamination entrapment, as well as high strength.
9985HNon-Woven Wipes 6704F 4" x 4" in package of 100, Chemtronics6,49 € 
9985QNon-Woven Wipes 6704 4" x 4" in 12 packages of 100, Chemtronics64,90 € 
Epo-Tek 353 ND, 2 component
9985IEpo-Tek 353 ND, 2 component, packing unit 4 g11,58 € 
Activator 7649 and adhesive 648, Loctite
9985Jactivator Loctite 7649 150 ml43,24 € 
9985Ladhesive Loctite 648 50 ml34,95 € 
Adhesive applicator syringe kit
9985Madhesive applicator (3ml) syringe (0.8x22mm) kit, 5 pcs7,18 € 
Fiber-Safe, glass fiber safety kit, Miller
Kit includes a Fiber-Safe polishing/work mat, fiber scraps trash can, splinter removal tweezer, ten bifurcated cleaning swipes, each with a self-contained alcohol dispensing tube and safety glasses.
9985NFiber-Safe, glass fiber safety kit, Miller40,24 € 
10 pcs polishing film 76x152mm
9985P10 pcs polishing film 76x152mm, 12 micron6,29 € 
9985R10 pcs polishing film 76x152mm, 3 micron6,29 € 
9985S10 pcs polishing film 76x152mm, 0.5 micron6,29 € 
25 non-linting cleaning cloths F1000 soaked in Isopropil, Miller
9985T25 non-linting cleaning cloths F1000 soaked in Isopropil, Miller12,45 € 
10 stick cleaner
9985U10 stick cleaner 1.25 mm9,00 € 
9985V10 stick cleaner 2.50 mm9,00 € 
ReelClean500 with window for showing the remain cleaning time uses dry special anti-static microfiber fabric without any residues and lint for solvent-free cleaning. Over 500 wipes by one ReelClean500.
99AA2ReelClean500 Optical Fiber Connector Cleaner, TheFibers47,00 € 
99AA3ReelClean500 Replacement Reel, TheFibers19,73 € 
Drawing on cleanroom standard materials, the Chemtronics/Coventry 51125 is constructed of highest quality non-linting polyester. The material will clean fusion splice mirrors without leaving lint residue associated with any cotton tip.
V-Groove optical fiber cleaning swabs' special blade design removes contaminants from V-grooves and cleans the sides of 2.5 and 1.25mm ceramic ferrules. Can be used with Electro-Wash PX Cleaner on hard-to-remove soils.
The moisture and oil free Typhoon Blast All-Way Duster can be sprayed right-sideup and upside down, always having the cleanest and most efficient, non-contact method available for particle removal. Package Size 200 ml
99A9QV-Groove and Ferrule Cleaning Swabs, 50/Tube, Chemtronics13,65 € 
9985ZFusion Splice Lens Swab, 15/Tube, Chemtronics23,45 € 
99AB7ES1624E Typhoon Blast All-Way Duster, Chemtronics29,90 € 
PushCleaner Fiber Optic Cleaner, TheFibers
PushCleaner optični čistilec, TheFibers
PushCleaner will perfectly clean any fiber optic connector endface, either in adapter or on patch cord. It also cleans a LC port of a SFP transceiver. A special cleaning thread is designed for more than 800 cleans!
9986EPushCleaner 1.25 mm Fiber Optic Cleaner, TheFibers47,00 € 
9986FPushCleaner 2.50 mm Fiber Optic Cleaner, TheFibers47,00 € 
9986JPushCleaner 2.00 mm LEMO Fiber Optic Cleaner, TheFibers56,15 €