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Mini VFL tester VLS-8 - Visual Laser Source Grandway
Mini Visual Laser Source is designed to inspect damaged or broken point of both singlemode and multimode optical fibers, cable, pig-tail, patchcord, etc. The performance of the visual laser source will act a little different on different fiber coat and color.

Kit includes selected model, 2 AAA batteries, carrying bag and user manual.
99918Visual Laser Source 650nm VLS-8-10, ferrule type 2.50, over 5km, Grandway49,00 € 
9991AVisual Laser Source 650nm VLS-8-30, ferrule type 2.50, over 12km, Grandway59,00 € 
Spojnik FC moški na LC ženski - FC male to LC female SM adapter
Adapter 0937F is used to connect a 1.25 ferrule (LC) connector to a 2.50 ferrule type VFL port.
0937FFC male to LC female SM hybrid adapter17,85 € 
Detektor svetlobe od 850 do 1625 nm FiberLert - Light detector from 850 to 1625 nm Fluke Networks
FiberLert can check polarity and operation of patch cords, determine if a port is live and if a transceiver is operational, and detect other fiber signals without making contact. When invisible infrared light is present, the handle turns red and beeps.  Video
9991YLight detector from 850 to 1625 nm FiberLert-125, Fluke Networks154,00 € 
Prepoznavalci optičnega vlakna OFI-50 in OFI-100 - Optical Fiber Identifier OFI-50 and OFI-100, Jonard
9991U identifies the direction of the transmitted fiber and displays the relative core power without damaging the fiber.  Video
9991V identifies the direction of light being transmitted in the fiber, displays the relative core power without damaging the fiber, and includes a built-in VFL and Optical Power Meter.  Video
9991UOFI-50 Optical Fiber Identifier, Jonard592,00 € 
9991VOFI-100 Advanced Optical Fiber Identifier w/ Power Meter & VFL, Jonard769,95 €