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10G+ is an EZZ sign of quality with a guarantee that the product has excellent transmission characteristics and fulfills 6A performance requirements over the complete channel.

The Cable Coupler can be used to extend installation cables or reconnect damaged cables without having to re-lay a complete cable segment of a structured wiring! Accepts U/UTP, F/UTP, SF/UTP, S/FTP or PiMF cables and offers excellent transmission performances for 5e, 6, 6A, 7 and 7A cable links! Equipped with patented (SI 20134 A), simple and time-saving shield termination system with integrated cable strain relief. Assembly Instructions
693910G+ cable coupler for screened and unscreened cable, EZZ4,78 € 
Angled outlets for unscreened and screened Cat. 6A cords, EZZ
The picture shows 2-port angled outlet installed on snap-in fitting type 6927 surface or data channel mounting frame.

Mounting frames and patch cords must be ordered separately.
69G1angled outlet 1xRJ45 10G+ Unscreened Cat. 6A, EZZ7,18 € 
69G2angled outlet 2xRJ45 10G+ Unscreened Cat. 6A, EZZ11,67 € 
69G5angled outlet 1xRJ45 10G+ Screened Cat. 6A, EZZ9,89 € 
69G6angled outlet 2xRJ45 10G+ Screened Cat. 6A, EZZ17,19 € 
EZZ modules for unscreened and screened cords
The picture shows two snap-in fitting type modules 50x25mm installed in the 69039 mounting frame ,on the left side 099L module with LCD adapter and on the right side RJ45 module.

Mounting frames, adapters and patch cords must be ordered separately.
69GAmodule 1xRJ45 10G+ Unscreened, 45x22.5mm, EZZ6,05 € 
69GBmodule 1xRJ45 10G+ Screened, 45x22.5mm, EZZ7,57 € 
693Cmodule empty 45x22.5mm, EZZ1,62 € 
69GEmodule 1xRJ45 10G+ Unscreened, 50x25x16mm, EZZ5,47 € 
69GFmodule 1xRJ45 10G+ Screened, 50x25x16mm, EZZ7,17 € 
693Gmodule empty 50x25x16mm, EZZ1,62 € 

Dust Cover for RJ45 jack. EZZ modules are designed as an All in One units and therefore is no need for an additional elements or dust covers.

The standard methods of mounting EZZ outlets and modules are shown in the section Mounting Elements

EZZ patch panels, outlets, couples and modules are equipped with patented (SI 20134 A), simple and time-saving shield termination with integrated cable strain relief. Gently push the tongue between the overall screen or drain wire and the individual foils and secure the cable to the tongue with the cable tie provided.

Module Cat. 6A RJ45 Keystone STP, Ecolan
Screened RJ45 Cat. 6A keystone "Snap-In" jack is used for mounting in distribution panels and/or data outlets. Suitable for wires from AWG24 to AWG22. Class EA link certified (GHMT).
69GD5module Cat. 6A RJ45 Keystone STP, Ecolan2,85 € 
DIN-Rail Adapter for 1 Keystone module
693DDDIN-Rail Adapter for 1 Keystone module4,70 €