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Brezkontakni preizkuševalec VT-1100 - Non-Contact Voltage Detector, Jonard
The VT-1100 is a Non-Contact Dual Range Voltage Detector Pen (24-1000VAC and 90-1000VAC) with LED Flashlight.  Video
9988EVT-1100 Non-Contact Voltage Detector, Jonard19,60 € 
Kabelski in PoE preizkuševalec NF-488 - Cable and PoE Checker Noyafa
NF-488 recognizes which lines have voltage, gives its value and determines the PoE standard. They can also be connected in series between the switch and the powered device, thanks to which it is possible to obtain information about the current consumption and the power consumed by the receiver. In addition to PoE testing, the NF-488 performs a standard wiremap test to validate the wiring.
99893Cable and PoE Checker NF-488, Noyafa49,05 € 
Iskalec žic in kabelski tester NF-806R - Wire Tracker and Cable Tester, Noyafa
NF-806R wire tracer is a multifunctional tone generator and probe. It owns the three main function of tracing, locating cables and testing cable status. It is the ideal tool for the Telecommunications and technical personnels.
9988HNF-806R Wire Tracker and Cable Tester, Noyafa48,15 € 
Kabelski tester in toner TET-700BC - Cable Tester/Toner, Jonard
Designed for testing the continuity of cables and generating tones for identifying cables with ABN clips, this cable tester and toner is perfect for use on RJ45, BNC, and F connectorized coaxial, and other non-connectorized cables. Remote terminator can be used to test network cables with ease!
9988YCable Tester & Toner TET-700BC, Jonard82,55 € 
Kabelski in mrežni tester NF-8601S - Cable length and network tester Noyafa
Tester NF-8601S measures the cable length and the distance from the fault using the TDR technology. The intelligent wiremap feature tests for length, shorts, split pairs, or opens and displays with an intuitive graphical interface where a fault is located. In addition, a noteworthy feature is the ability to perform a ping test with packet loss and latency measurement. Tester also allows you to measure PoE voltage on each line and export the measurement data to an external micro SD memory card.
99894Cable length and network tester NF-8601S, Noyafa179,00 €