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Technology Products & Services        EZZ e-newsletter 04102016  
   Fiber Rings
Measuring an IL with an OTDR requires a Launch and Receive Cable, also called Fiber Ring, Test Cable, Pulse Suppressor or Dead Zone Eliminator. EZZ Fiber Rings are equipped with test report and serial number and made in 2 days!
A Launch Cable, which connects the OTDR to the link under test, reveals the insertion loss and reflectance of the near-end connection. A Receive Cable reveals the insertion loss and reflectance of the far-end connection. Test Cables can range from 150 m to 1 km (or longer) in length.
Test Leads style Fiber Rings have leads made from PU for flexibility and crash resistance, dust caps with jacket strap, and rubber glands and foam for further protection. Custom connectors and test leads lengths!
Bulkhead style Fiber Rings use special SC, SCAPC, FC or FCAPC adapters with zirconia sleeve to minimize reflections when connected to an OTDR and fibers under test.
EZZ OS2 Fiber Ring with bulkheads,   500 m
EZZ OS2 Fiber Ring with test leads, 1.000 m
EZZ OS2 Fiber Ring with test leads, 2.000 m
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