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Priključni kabli v Premium Grade kvaliteti - EZZ Premium B Grade patch cords    Patch Cords
Premium patch cords are designed to meet the stringent optical, mechanical and environmental requirements! 100 % controlled raw materials and production of assembled end products guarantee the highest quality standards!
Main Features and Benefits:
▪  All patch cords are produced in Premium Quality (IL to IEC
   61300-3-34 Grade B, and RL to IEC 61300-3-6 Grade 2)!
▪  Each patch cord is equipped with ID and serial number!
▪  IL/RL testing performed, Test Report attached!
▪  Our own custom patch cord manufacturing line!
▪  Quantity pricing, custom fiber types, lengths and connector
   options available!
Premium 657A1 duplex patch cord SCUPC/SCUPC 2m
Premium 657A1 duplex patch cord LCAPC/LCAPC 2m
Premium 657A1 duplex patch cord FCUPC/FCAPC 2m
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