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FTTA offer consists of various Connecting cords (usually with steel armor and with LC, SC or MPO connectors), IP-68 rated Break out kits, IP In-line and Bulk Head adapters, and Cell Tower Junction boxes w/ up to 12 ports.
Wide range of cables to be used (5-8mm in diameter with two 2mm to 3mm jacketed subunits). Temperature range -40°C - +70°C. Water, dust and chemical resistance! Assembly requires no special tools! Up to 500 matings!
Senko Advanced Components
EZZ is an authorized distributor for the entire Senko product line including fiber optic connectors and adapters (LC, MPO, E2000), and weatherproof IP connectors! For more info about FTTA components please call +386 1 423 69 50 or write to
Weatherproof Connectors
Simple Connectivity solution with fiber for LTE, DAS, Mobile Cell tower, G4, G5, Industrial and other applications with IP-68 Rating!
FTTA rešitve - FTTA Solutions
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Fiber Optic Center maintains a Quality Management System for manufacturing and servicing of passive copper and fiber optic communication systems to ISO 9001:2015 standard.
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